Openhour’s TimeTracker winner of a Visual Studio Magazine 2015 Reader’s Choice Award

Visual Studio Magazine announced the winners of its 22nd annual Reader’s Choice Awards. The 2015 winners are chosen by the readers of Visual Studio Magazine and honor the best Visual Studio-related tools and services in 31 categories.

Openhour TimeTracker received the Silver award in the category of Visual Studio Productivity Tools.

TimeTracker automatically captures and informs software engineers of how they spend time against multiple projects. TimeTracker can even automatically generate timesheets with billing codes, if desired. The insights presented by TimeTracker can help drive profitability and streamline corporate workflows.

“Openhour is thrilled to have been nominated and selected by readers of Visual Studio Magazine to represent Visual Studio’s most compelling application offerings,” expressed Mark Hirsch, CEO of Openhour, in response to the win.

Michael Domingo, Editor in Chief of Visual Studio Magazine, explains of the award, “In casual conversation and e-mail exchanges with developers over the past year, most of them have been quick to let you know what tools and services have had the most impact on their careers.”

Visual Studio Magazine presented three awards per category: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The awards are based on the responses of hundreds of Visual Studio Magazine subscribers. The online ballot, which was compiled by the editors of Visual Studio Magazine, included more than 400 products.

The winner’s list will be available online at Visual Studio Magazine, and in a special edition PDF available for download in December.

TimeTracker Earns Kudos

Those who know us know we’re passionate…passionate that TimeTracker is a must-have tool for creative professionals who want to focus on their craft. The good news is that people don’t need to just take our word for it. They can hear it from two respected publications catering to creatives: Photoshop User and Communication Arts.

logo PhotoshopUser

PHOTOSHOP USER reviewed TimeTracker in its October issue and, we’re proud to say, awarded us a Four Diamond rating. According to reviewer Jay Nelson, “Designed by creatives for creatives, TimeTracker strikes the perfect balance between control, functionality, and usability, which means you’re more likely to use it!” TimeTracker eliminates the time capture and timesheet challenges facing creative professionals, especially users of the Adobe Creative Suite: including Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

logo Communication ArtsCOMMUNICATION ARTS, the premier publication covering all aspects of visual communication and dedicated to ‘showcasing the current best’, featured TimeTracker in its Resources section. CA focused on TimeTracker’s integration with the tools creatives use day in and day out – including the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office – as well as set-up “as simple as a couple of button clicks” to enable automatic tracking of billable hours. With TimeTracker operating in the background, creative professionals feel like they have, as the CA headline says, “Time on your side.” We couldn’t have said it better!