TimeTracker now integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

TimeTracker integrates with an array of tools offered by Adobe, Apple, Google, Intuit, and Microsoft, and we are continually expanding the capacity of Openhour’s premier productivity-focused platform.

Today, we are pleased to announce the integration of TimeTracker with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

With TimeTracker automatically capturing time for those building within the Visual Studio Development Environment (IDE), we can help document and understand how developers spend their productive time, and eventually provide thoughtful analytics to guide professional endeavors and improve developers’ overall workday experience.

“Together, Openhour and Microsoft provide a solution that helps developers focus on what matters most,” explains Openhour CEO, Mark Hirsch.

We anticipate further integrations with Microsoft services to better serve Openhour customers – providing fitting solutions for businesses, large and small, and across industries.

Be the first to get TimeTracker for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Register here.

2 thoughts on “TimeTracker now integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

  1. How do I assign a solution or a project in Visual Studio to a project in TimeTracker? I see the icon in the tray and I have Visual Studio checked and I also have the extension in VS, yet I cannot see any way to set any properties of the extension


    1. Hi Pallab,

      Are you running TimeTracker Desktop app? The Visual Studio plug-in communicates with the desktop application. Once both TimeTracker components are installed and running, TimeTracker Desktop will display the name of the active VS project. Then, you can choose a TimeTracker Project (‘solution’) to assign to that VS project. Hopefully that addresses your questions, but if you need any help, please send us an email at support@openhour.com. Thanks!


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