Re-envisioning our brand and platform

When beginning a venture, one often envisions an ambitious goal that solves a significant problem; to develop a solution so complete, the product launch itself feels like a finale of sorts.

Looking back, this beautifully positive outlook was a part of my vision when starting Openhour (formerly CreativeWorx). We were on a mission to provide something spectacular for creative services industries, addressing an issue that has plagued consultants and firms alike, for decades.

Then we got started. The path of a successful venture rarely follows a straight line.


Upon first launching one year ago, we presented TimeTracker – a platform that solved the problems of late and inaccurate timesheets by leveraging automated activity collection, big data analysis, and machine learning. Despite the appealing market size and positive reaction from clients, I couldn’t help but examing the resulting analytics and contemplate the possibility that we had built something more meaningful than initially planned.

And in business, meaningfulness ought to be pursued, when possible.


Microsoft Ventures selected our company to participate in their four-month start-up accelerator focused on enterprise productivity. Their investment and engagement became the catalyst to accelerate our development and capitalize on the much broader opportunity that we had created with our platform. The pieces were coming together.


The Openhour platform has the potential to solve many issues across industries, by automatically capturing and understanding how people consume time. We are defining a new category of personal metrics, called Quantified Performance.

This expansion of our product drives productivity improvements related to how time is spent. While highlighting something as everyday as time, our platform was beginning to feel, well, exciting.


Given our new product developments, the need to rebrand the company became obvious; clients, partners and investors felt the name CreativeWorx no longer aligned with our vision. We needed to reflect the value we provide people and organizations.


Openhour encourages users to understand the details of how they spend their time, so they can identify and maximize each open hour; we want to encourage people to better balance their lives, through time. And at an organizational level, effective time management is imperative, improving productivity and personal satisfaction.

Those of us at Openhour realize this is a significant endeavor, but we’re pursuing it with the understanding that “significant” was one of our first collective goals.


Time is the one resource we cannot get back. The Openhour mission is to help people save and enjoy our most precious resource, and we’re excited to see others are compelled by this vision.

Over the past month we’ve invited press to experience the new company and platform. Resulting from these efforts, Joao-Pierre Ruth of Xconomy crafted this piece highlighting our work amid Microsoft Ventures and intention to expand our focus, with Openhour.

As we continue on our path, we anticipate sharing additional stories on Openhour developments by press resources.

Above all, thank you for joining us on this adventure. We’re grateful to have you with us.

Mark Hirsch  |  CEO of Openhour

One thought on “Re-envisioning our brand and platform

  1. Good luck Mark and team! Mark: great meeting you and lovely listening to the concept. Eager to see you soar high. I’ll be watching to cheer on and absorb cross industry advice


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