KBS first major agency to fully deploy CreativeWorx TimeTracker

KBS Deploys TimeTracker to Improve Timesheets, Profitability and Client Transparency

kbs+(Dec 8, 2014) Today, CreativeWorx announced the deployment of an innovative time capture platform to improve financial performance, employee job satisfaction and client reporting for award-winning advertising agency KBS. KBS has integrated CreativeWorx TimeTracker with its existing MediaOcean system to simplify employee timesheet preparation and submission.

TimeTracker turns a painful and time-consuming process into a quick, easy process…with higher compliance and data accuracy.

“Since KBS began using TimeTracker, we’ve seen a significant decline in the amount of time our employees are spending on timesheet administration along with improved accuracy,” said Chris Mozolewski, CFO, KBS. “The technology is truly a benefit to our agency and the industry at large.”

TimeTracker is an activity-tracking platform that significantly improves the performance of a company’s existing timesheet and financial workflow. TimeTracker is designed as a plug-in to integrate with other systems including NetSuite, Advantage, MediaOcean, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Deltek/Maconomy and more.

“TimeTracker is unique in three ways,” said Mark Hirsch, CEO of CreativeWorx. “First, it automatically captures how people spend their time and intelligently assigns the correct billing codes. Second, it enhances existing timesheet and financial systems. Third, and perhaps most important, TimeTracker fully respects employees’ privacy while automatically preparing a timesheet draft for them.”

Used in over 100 countries, TimeTracker has solved one of the biggest pain points for professional services organizations, including ad agencies, legal firms, government agencies, consulting firms and individual freelance contractors.

Accurate and timely timesheet submission lets executives finally run their companies competitively by leveraging near real-time analytics. Better data improves a company’s existing processes for Resource Planning, Forecasting, Client Reporting, and ensuring that ongoing projects stay on-course. TimeTracker helps companies compete more effectively in this data-driven world.

About KBS (kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners)
KBS (kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners) is the brand agency for an inventive world. We are an integrated creative, advertising and marketing agency committed to inventing the highest value ideas for our clients and for ourselves. Our team of passionate inventors and creative entrepreneurs is dedicated to doing things that matter and making things that matter. Today KBS serves a diverse roster of clients that includes American Express, BMW, Harman, HomeGoods, Simmons Bedding Company, William Grant & Sons, Boar’s Head and Vanguard. For more information on KBS a member of the MDC Partners Network, please visit http://www.kbsp.com

About CreativeWorx
CreativeWorx is a software company whose unique data-mining platform automatically helps companies improve productivity and helps people get more from their lives. Focusing initially on the professional services industries, notably advertising agencies, CreativeWorx has solved the challenges of timesheet compliance and accuracy. CreativeWorx is based in New York, NY and is privately funded. For more information on CreativeWorx, please visit http://www.creativeworx.com or follow us at @CreativeWorxCo