TimeTracker Feature: “Folder Tagging”

I had the pleasure today of conducting user experience interviews with TimeTracker users. It was rewarding to hear them praise TimeTracker, and make comments like how it “changed their life”. Before TimeTracker, they HATED timesheets and the billing process. Now, it’s a trivial matter for them.

However, I was quite surprised when we got to a discussion of wish-list items. It was disturbing to hear user after user request features that were already in TimeTracker! That spoke volumes: Either we were hiding some great features…providing poor training…or both. As a result, I’ve decide to use this blog to highlight awesome features of TimeTracker.

The inaugural TimeTracker feature is something we call “Folder Tagging.” Folder tagging allows a user to automatically associate billing codes with a document simply by saving it to a particular folder.

By example: Imagine you are working in Adobe Photoshop on a document that you haven’t yet associated (“tagged”) with a project/billing code. Simply by saving that document into a folder that you previously identified with a billing code, that document will immediately be tagged with that billing code. It’s all seamless and automatic.

Configuring Folder Tagging
Setting up Folder Tagging is a very simple process with two requirements: (1) You need an open document in the application running TimeTracker; and (2) You need a Project associated with that document. {In the TimeTracker extension panel, you will see “In Progress.”}

Simply save the document to the desired folder.
Then, select “Assign Project to Folder”.
That’s it! That action will assign the currently selected Project to the currently saved Folder.

Assign Projects to Folder

To use Folder Tagging
Save a document to a tagged folder. You can also Open a document from a tagged folder, provided there is no project association on the document. This feature will do nothing if the document already has a Project assigned.