Why CreativeWorx? Why TimeTracker?


On April 1, I walked away from a career at Adobe.  I loved it there.  It’s a fantastic company and a great place to work, highlighted by the annual rankings in Fortune and other publications.  Adobe has incredibly brilliant and talented employees, many of whom I call my friends.

So why did I leave?

I’ve been asked that question many times by my family and friends…after having asked that of myself.  Why leave such a tremendous organization?  Though it was difficult to leave my colleagues, ultimately, it was an easy decision.

Simon Sinek presented an inspirational TED Talk (based on his book ‘Start with Why’) that gave me some insights.  It’s a great 18 minute talk.  If you have a chance, I strongly encourage you to watch it.

I believe that employees are frustrated by corporate systems and inefficient processes. Everyone has some horrible war story about time-consuming, unproductive processes they endure simply to do their job.  I certainly have my share.

I also believe these inefficient processes can be eliminated – and the benefits for doing so will be tremendous:

  • Improve quality of life for employees

  • Increase productivity by enabling employees to focus on what they do best

  • Increase company profitability

In hindsight, I realize that each of the software companies for which I had worked previously was focused on streamlining operations for a particular business.

My calling is different.  Looking back at my high school and college years:

  • I developed tools to help developers be more efficient

  • I developed office scheduling and payment systems for dental offices on an Apple III

  • I developed a dBASE solution that helped the Finance Department of ITT move away from Lotus 1-2-3 so that they could automate reports and handle larger volumes of data.

In 1999, I founded and ran a company that provided automation tools for the production departments of advertising agencies, broadcasters and Fortune 1000 companies.

It was always about seamlessly leveraging technology to create efficiencies. And it still is.

So to answer my friends & family: I saw an opportunity…an opportunity to make a difference.  A huge difference.  An opportunity to make the world a better place for employees who are frustrated by the often burdensome processes associated with big corporate systems.  Systems from SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Tibco, Peoplesoft, Salesforce and more.  Systems that developed organically over the years.

Our vision is simple: We want to eliminate those frustrating inefficient processes.

We’re starting with the service professionals who need to capture and report their time.  CreativeWorx has developed a patent-pending solution that elegantly and privately automates this process for the individual.

We have an extraordinary team of super smart people who like each other.  They don’t just like working together, but actually like each other.  I can’t tell you which is more true: that they’re smart or that they like each other…but I’ve learned over the years that both are critical to long-term success.

And, the CreativeWorx team extends beyond our employees.  Our investors and advisors are impressive people as well.  From captains of industry to former ad agency founders, Presidents and COOs, we’ve got tremendous expertise to solve the problems at hand.  But rather than rave here about our amazing investors, let me save that for a future blog.

Coming back full circle, the answer to “Why CreativeWorx?” is simple.  Standing in front of us is an incredible opportunity to change the world for the better…and we’ve assembled the right people to achieve that vision.  I’m thrilled to be leading the charge, but certainly appreciate that there’s a full team of talented people making this happen.  Stay tuned…there’s so much more!

It’s time to embrace technology to empower professionals to focus on what they do best.  Our mission is to enable extraordinary productivity gains – both for the individual and the organization – by simplifying everyone’s work life.

Keep an eye on our blogs for more about this.  And launching next week is our new blog series: CreativeWorx Countdown to Success, a blend of insights and advice that we hope you’ll find both thought-provoking and useful.  Please let us know how we’re doing!